Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Morning forest walk

Last Friday, early morning, it started from Kate's idea.

"Naomi, Why don't you go for a walk with small group of children ?"

So I took 7children with Lily who is a new volunteer enter to the our forest.
After we pasted the usual spot of our forest play.

K and S found a rainbow tree. ( This is very famous of our children.)

We found some beautiful plants.
I said "Naomi This is heart flower! Very pretty!!

We also found salmon berries, they already have many flowers..
we were very looking forword to tasting some salmonberry at early summer time!  

We smelled salmonberry flowers and touch the leaves and checking do they have berry or not..
Olin noticed difference between blackberry plant and salmonberry plant. " Salmon berry plant is not sperky like blackberry!!

  And we found a dragon tree! It is very cool we were wondering what happened this tree.

This forest walk was for one hour,.  The younger children were tired in the last 20 minutes but we sang few songs and talked about their family and ran and walked. We enjoyed the cooler, nice, fresh air. 

We play in the forest everyday but normally we play as a big group. This makes it harder to hear the sounds of nature.
A forest walk with a small number of children allowed them to see and feel things differently than other times.
They heard birds flying past their heads, smelled the rainforest, felt ferns and moss and found new spider webs.

I think the children noticed how lucky we are to have this beautiful park near our school and can play everyday as we also take care of this space

Preperation for the concert

Our end year concert is over. It's always something bittersweet. The children prepared songs and movements since the beginning of May....