Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Pumpkin seeds

The Maple group, we explored pumpkin seeds today.

I showed some pictures to the children that I  did pumpkin curving with my 8years old daughter last night.  That made them some senses about  curving pumpkin.

   Some children had never seen and touched inside of pumpkin.
After I cut off the top, we smelled and touched the seeds and scooped them out by spoon and washed them.

During lunch time, I tossed the seeds with melted butter and salt, and baked them.

 After the rest time, we tested the roasted pumpkin seeds ! We loved them very much!!!

I curved the pumpkin an owl as the children's request.

Have a happy and safe halloween !!!

Saturday, 20 October 2018

Rose Period -Tuesday afternoon Art

We have been exploring famous artists every Friday and Tuesday.

We have explored some of the works by Picasso.

We explored the rose period on 18th of September.

We used heart shaped paper, and purple, orange, read, white and black paint.

The children were intrigued by the use of purple and pink and we explored the making pink through colour mixing.

Through these explorations I have noticed some children really love to have a sense of how thinks are created. They want to know how shapes are made on the paper. I will draw their attention to these interests and when they asked me how to do something, such as make a heart shape, I will honour their request and show them how I do something.
I feel joy when work on these practices together.
I love art, I love to see the children enjoy the art time, expressing emotion, using their senses, exploring colour. And showing us their motor skill beautifully.

paper weaving at Tuesday art

We explored Picasso's cubism technique through paper weaving.

Threading the paper strips took time but we started to feel the pattern of under and over and in and out.

This was after they figured out a great trik to help the strip stay in place throughout the weaving:
They used glue at one of the ends.

 Learning together and helping one another is a delight to witness.

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Our cup cake shop

The Maple Group had a cupcake shop one day in September.
The children wanted to have few flavors, so we decided to make two kind of cupcakes with chocolate chips and blueberries.

We had a conversation before we started to make the cupcakes.

"What should we do before cooking. what is very important to do?"
"Put apron on "
"Yes, that's good idea when you cook. It will keep your clothes clean and there is another important thing."
"I know, we need to wash our hands"
"Yes, that's right. Because we will make and serve cupcakes everyone, so if we are a chef, every time before we cook, we need to wash our hands very carefully. Do you know why?"

"Because we might have some germs."

"But I washed my hands already."

"Did you use soap?"

"No, I didn't use soap."

" When you wash your hands, please wash with soap otherwise your hands might still have some germs.  Please everyone go to bathroom and wash your hands with soap and come back. "

After all the children came back from bathroom, I put all ingredients on the counter and we played a  guessing game. We used our 5senses.
We started to making cupcakes. Everyone wanted to participate. We took turn.

We poured, mixed and added ingredients one at a time. 

A child said "making cupcakes is not easy!!  Maybe that's why mummy bought me cupcakes"


After all ingredients mixed, we put the batter into the muffin tins.  
" Naomi I can't!! It's very difficult"
So we put the batter in using spoons and one of another children said," When I made some cookie with my mummy,  I used my hands." 
And another child added, "Because muffin dough is very sticky and soft, we need to use spoons" 

During lunch time, I baked them in the oven. Sooner, some children smelled and noticed and called "Cupcakes!!" 


After rest time, I asked the children of Maple group for serve cupcakes to the other children. 

The children used play money to "buy" the cupcakes of their choice and all of the children practiced using caring manners in the exchange of conversation.



Thursday, 4 October 2018

Bumpty Bumpty yellow bus

Every morning at 9:45 the children form two groups. One group explores song games and the other explores math ideas.

  These two groups alternate each week so that everyone gets plenty of chance to play with songs and math materials.

In the Fall, we take extra time to learn one another's names.

Each song game time we sing one of our 90 special songs!
Some of the children who have been here a while share their knowledge easily with the other children.

Recently we sang, " Bumpty Bumpty Yellow Bus"

This is a name song, and we use hand gestures to help us respectfully notice one another.

Gwendolyn and Adrianne started to sing this song early in the morning, before we gathered the children for math and music time.  This shows the potential of this song to help us bring joy.

On the way to the forest, they sang the song again and this time they invited to other new children and each child said their name with confidence.

And lunch time, they sang again, this time some children came to their table and sang the song together.

At song game time, some children are not yet confident to say their name aloud. We understand how this happens sometimes. We believe that participation also includes observation. Sometimes the other children help say their names.

Song games helps the children practice the flow of the English language. The children also learn to confidently speak to the group members and they learn to feel a sense of joy when their classmates look at them with care.

Song games are important and central part of learning to be in community.

Preperation for the concert

Our end year concert is over. It's always something bittersweet. The children prepared songs and movements since the beginning of May....