Thursday, 20 June 2019

A happy heart

Three children asked me to cut a big paper heart one by one at free playtime the other day.

10 min later, they showed me their creations.

"Naomi, this is a card. This is a happy heart card. "
"And look inside, there is a grumpy angry heart under... it is hiding."

"Sometimes we are a grumpy heart, but after I play with friends, my friends made a happy heart."

"Now this girl is super happy!"

The happiness of this realization about friendship shows.

I feel so gifted to work with our children. I love them.

Monday, 10 June 2019

A Fire Drill

Last Tuesday, during our rest time, suddenly a fire light blinked in CM.

I was with 8 children at quiet space and some of children at big room were sleeping.

Two children noticed something happening.

Each teacher told the children to go outside quick and quietly.

A few mins later, all the children were able to move by the fence which is the meeting place for evacuation.

The big school's teacher told us it was a monthly fire drill.

We talked about why it was important to practice these things to help keep us all safe.

Once a month, we do " Fire Drill" for practicing.
We follow the procedures found in our Fire Safety Policy book.

It was important for the teachers at CM to have this drill come as a surprise because it helps us all know how to act in something unplanned.

Regular fire drill is normally we planned it before that mean teachers wouldn't panic.
But this time, the teachers were not sure what's happened.

The teachers were calm and gently talked with the children.

We needed to wake some children up, because we were in middle of rest time. But they were all calm and quietly to followed our guidance.

These pictures taken after we knew it was a fire drill.

We all proud of our children, they did very very well.

Making a board game

Last month at the group time, the children explored toys from times past.

The children made a board game.

The children came up with many fun ideas for the squares of the board.
They showed the movement and explained to me about their ideas.

" How about Say hi to Naomi?"
" How about we do a big jump?" 
" Sing a song happy birthday"
" Make a funny face"
" Stomp like big elephant"
" Roar !!! "
" Crawl like a baby"
" Hop like bunny!!"

The benefits of board game are many.

Taking turns,
being a graceful winner or loser
problem solving

Many of the toys of the past are still valuable today.

Monday, 20 May 2019

Making home made butter 23th of April

Our group made homemade butter.

This idea came from the conversation of the last Friday with the children.

Two children made me cupcakes with the play dough and then a child said "I know how to make cupcakes." And the child asked to make cupcakes together at CM.

I said " we wish I could but I think we don't have butter here today" and then I remembered when I was little I made butter from cow milk.

We started to think about how we could do this together.

We watched videos and then made plans for the ingredients.

We poured the whipping cream into a glass jar, put the lid on and shook it.

The children thought we could make it quickly but it took a long time. 

It was interesting that the children noticed how the sound created by the shaking changed as the butter was being made. 

With all our effort we eventually had butter and saw how the solids and liquids separated.

We added salt and then tasted it with toast.
It was yummy!

We thought our butter is very tasty, we shared other children, too.  They liked it as well.

The children noticed that this way of making butter takes so long that a family would not have such time to do this, so the machines that are used no to make butter make our lives easier.

This raises the question about how we often want to make our lives easier and what cost it has to us.
Is everything that is faster or easier actually what makes our lives rich???

Then and Now - telephone-

In this inquiry, we will explore past and present through our unity of inquiry titled "Then and Now".

We started by looking at modes of communication and how they have changed over time, particularly, cellphones.

We added a rotary telephone to the drama area and the children happily made phone calls to one other as they practiced turning the wheel.

Our group made two types of telephones.

We made rotary phone and a "cell" phone.

Everyone was very excited with this technology.
It was wonderful to watch them make their phones unique through the images they added to make their phones beautiful.

They talked about what they noticed about their cell phones their parents carried.

We found all the ways that the phones were different. We talked about weight and size and processes for using these communication tools.
We also talked about how technology has changed and we are beginning to talk about how technologies makes our lives easier. 

Friday art - Cherry blossoms

At the beginning of April, we saw many beautiful cherry blossoms in our neighbourhood.

After we played at the forest, we walked in our neighbourhood for looking at some cherry blossom trees.

We closely looked at the petals and we gently touched the petals and counted how many petals the one flower had.


 When we came back CM from the little walk, the winds made petals move on the ground.
It look like a moving pink carpet!!  Aegon tried to step on petals but they were moving so quickly!

 We started to draw the tree, and the children remembered may details.


And after we finished drawing the trunk and branches we added flowers. they made from squished little tissue squares.

A few children asked the teachers, " I need green tissues! " They noticed there aren't only flowers on the branches, but also tiny green leaves beside of cherry blossoms. 

One child noticed there were many hues of pink and so we added more variety of pink to the finished product.
Some of trees has very stout stems, some of trees had many branches. Through this experience I was reminded that it is very important to see and touch nature closely.
And I felt so lucky, that our school has a beautiful neighbourhood that gives the children more ideas to explore.   

Wednesday, 12 December 2018

A quiet space

This summer, we found " sit spots " for those children who didn't nap.
Last month, we found a "quiet space" for the non nappers in th cubbie area.

Everyday, a teacher stays with 6-8 children and the children have a quiet time reading books, drawing, do some puzzles.

Yesterday, I brought a playdough and mats and books and paper with markers.

Monday, Mai made a playdough with gold gritter and she added some cinnamon powder.

Roisin: Naomi this play dough smells real cookies!"

We are drawing a Christmas tree!!
I am making yummy cookies!

I am making a big Christmas cookie.

I made chocolate ginger bread man cookies.Ready to bake!

Now they are in a oven !

 After all cookies "baked", Gwen shared them with the children. We all "ate" the delicious cookies. 

The children's conversation warmed my heart. I started to feel this holiday season and wondered if families were baking cookies or decorating their house like my family does.

They all enjoyed quiet time sharing their family stories with cinnamon scent.

A happy heart

Three children asked me to cut a big paper heart one by one at free playtime the other day. 10 min later, they showed me their creations. ...