Monday, 12 August 2019

Car Wash pretend play

We had Bike Day last week and started by playing with the idea of car wash.

Child " What are you making Naomi?"
Naomi " I am making a car wash machine."
Child " why is it so small?"
Child" I think we can use it for our toy cars"
Naomi: " I thought so"
Naomi " Have you ever gone to car wash with your parents before?"
Child " Yes, I have, my dad washes our car, I help"
Naomi" Do you know what the inside of a car wash looks like?" 
Child " I know there is a shower on the top of the ceiling ".

The children got some ideas from our conversation and from their experiences with car washes. 

Child " How about we put some brushes inside?"
Child " I saw the curtains in front of a machine"
Child " I love blue curtains"

When we were finished making the car wash the children played happily together with our new toy.

Child "I am going to car wash with my grandma and grandpa"
          " My grandma can't drive, so my grandpa will drive"  
Child " My grandma can drive, she sometimes drives me to here"

The children noticed we have big cars, they wouldn't fit the small car wash machine.

Child " Naomi we need to make another one. "
Child " We need find a bigger card board."
Child " Look, we have a long line up, we need to have another one"

And then we made a big car wash machine.

I love to playing with the children. These moments help us for strong connections and I love to give them a chance to express their ideas.  

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