Monday, 12 August 2019

International Indigenous Peoples Day

June 21st was International Indigenous Peoples Day.

The teachers setted up some activities for this special day.

-Colouring of  Indigenous Art.
-Playing with the idea of the Inukshuk using a variety of building materials.
-Picking Huckleberries and Salmonberries at Pacific Spirit Park and making Jam.
-Making and tasting Bannock.
-Listening to Indigenous Stories (which builds on the story reading we do each day).  
We also learned June 21st is the first day of summer.

Before we went berry picking, we thought all the people and animals that eat and use berries.  

And we promissed to we pick just a little amount of berries for our baking so that others too may share the lovely gift of the forest. 

BUT, when we walked at the forest we noticed almost all of the berries were gone.
We were able to pick it up just few berries.
When we baked we used local blueberries we bought at the store to add to those berries we ha picked.
After rest time, we tasted the bannock and the jam.
We all loved it!

Since the morning, we had used our senses fully; for enjoying of world of Indigenous way of knowing.

I will hold the bowl, you can mix it.
I need to wait until I see bubbles on bannock.
Flipping is difficult!
I can measure sugar.
Bannock like pancake!!

Who like Bannock and Jam?
Me! Me! Me!

They are licking the dishes...:)

We listened a Totem pole story
We tried to make a statue with rocks, too.

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