Monday, 10 June 2019

A Fire Drill

Last Tuesday, during our rest time, suddenly a fire light blinked in CM.

I was with 8 children at quiet space and some of children at big room were sleeping.

Two children noticed something happening.

Each teacher told the children to go outside quick and quietly.

A few mins later, all the children were able to move by the fence which is the meeting place for evacuation.

The big school's teacher told us it was a monthly fire drill.

We talked about why it was important to practice these things to help keep us all safe.

Once a month, we do " Fire Drill" for practicing.
We follow the procedures found in our Fire Safety Policy book.

It was important for the teachers at CM to have this drill come as a surprise because it helps us all know how to act in something unplanned.

Regular fire drill is normally we planned it before that mean teachers wouldn't panic.
But this time, the teachers were not sure what's happened.

The teachers were calm and gently talked with the children.

We needed to wake some children up, because we were in middle of rest time. But they were all calm and quietly to followed our guidance.

These pictures taken after we knew it was a fire drill.

We all proud of our children, they did very very well.

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