Friday, 6 April 2018

SAKURA drawing- Friday's Art

During my Japan trip, I got a book called " SAKURA- (cherry blossom in Japanese)."

It is written by a Japanese author.

I translated and read it to the children.

The children were given 4 colours: red, white, light green and brown.
We have been learning about mixing colours to change what we see.

We took a close look at the some cherry blossoms that I picked up from the ground on my way to work this morning.

We noticed there are many different pink colours.  Some are much deeper pink than others.

 They all started to draw their own ways.

Some children enjoyed mixing red and white.  It was a very beautiful gradation of red colour.

 Some children drew a few branches and very beautiful cherry blossoms on their creations.
And they I saw some bugs on their drawing that are sharing their tree.

Through these experiences the children are learning not just about colour mixing but about the blossom's connection to branches, the sky and the ground.  In this way they are subtly learning about the interconnection of the planet.

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