Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Free play time- making birthday cupcakes

After we came back from the playground, a few children played together with play dough at a table.

This play dough is homemade.  Every Monday, we make a fresh batch.

Miguel made a cupcake for Quintus.

He gave it to him and singing the happy birthday song for him.

And said,
"Quintus, make a wish and blow the candle.

Quintus blew his candle with a big smile.

That sweet thing made everyone happy.
Luigi made a cupcake for somebody.
"I am making a cupcake"
"Who is the cupcake for?" I asked...
Luigi said," It's for you".
Everyone at the table sang a song for me,
and I brew my candle out.

              Miguel made another cupcakes for himself, and blew his candle out and
                                                     sang a song all by himself.

This time is Teacher Emma's turn, Miguel made another cupcake for Emma,
                                          At the beginning of the school year, many children are new to CM, they are learning English as an additional language.
                                     Through play the children  develop vocabulary and learn how to communicate in English.  

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