Monday, 20 May 2019

Making home made butter 23th of April

Our group made homemade butter.

This idea came from the conversation of the last Friday with the children.

Two children made me cupcakes with the play dough and then a child said "I know how to make cupcakes." And the child asked to make cupcakes together at CM.

I said " we wish I could but I think we don't have butter here today" and then I remembered when I was little I made butter from cow milk.

We started to think about how we could do this together.

We watched videos and then made plans for the ingredients.

We poured the whipping cream into a glass jar, put the lid on and shook it.

The children thought we could make it quickly but it took a long time. 

It was interesting that the children noticed how the sound created by the shaking changed as the butter was being made. 

With all our effort we eventually had butter and saw how the solids and liquids separated.

We added salt and then tasted it with toast.
It was yummy!

We thought our butter is very tasty, we shared other children, too.  They liked it as well.

The children noticed that this way of making butter takes so long that a family would not have such time to do this, so the machines that are used no to make butter make our lives easier.

This raises the question about how we often want to make our lives easier and what cost it has to us.
Is everything that is faster or easier actually what makes our lives rich???

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