Thursday, 12 July 2018

A gift for someone who is special

In the unit of Generosity, The Maple group on Tuesday, we made a gift for someone who is special.

When we started to talk about generosity,  we read a few books to help us understand of practice of  generosity. It was a difficult word and concept to discuss at first but we talked about various points of view and soon the idea about family and friends brought us some sweet ideas.

How about making a gift for someone you really like ?
Who would like to give a present to?

- my mommy, 
- my brother.
- my grandpa and mum.   
- my sister, I have two sisters.

So next week of these conversations, I brought many squares of fabrics.
We talked about pattern and touched them how do they feel.
And we compared these ideas with our clothes, too.

And then they made a paper quilt. ( they glued chosen fabrics on paper plate.)

They showed to choose favorite fabrics for thinking about someone who like very much.

Next time we talked about being generous at school.

How about this school ?
We all know someone who we like
We decided to make a quilt.

And there are many questions and ideas from the children.

-How can we make quilt? 
-I have never make quilt before.
-My gramma made quilt.
-My mum has a sewing machine.

I showed the children two kind of sewing needles; metal and plastic.
And then I showed them how to sew.

And I showed them some quilt samples on internet. There are some options, bed cover and blanket,
One of the children found a blanket for baby.

-I know it's baby blanket!
-I have a baby blanket my grandma made it for me.
-I have a baby bear.
-Can we make a baby blanket?
-I don't know how to make it.

Yes, we can make it.
-How about Brianna's baby?
-Yes! I want to make it for her.

The children know Brianna has a baby in her uterus.
She lets children touch and hug her tummy, if they ask.
So we have some ideas from story of "quilt". We decided to make a baby blanket for her baby.

We thought about Brianna and her baby in her tummy.

* what kind of colour might her baby like.

-Brianna likes purple, at music time she choose purple.
-I think baby likes rainbow colour. Because I like rainbow colour.
-She said baby is girl. I think she likes pink.
-She likes blue, too.

* how big about the size?
-I have a blanket I was baby, same size.

* what kind of shape?

*Which kind of fabric we will use for baby? ( They touched some fabric from last week,)
- soft one. because it's comfy.
- it will be warm.
- This one ( flannel ) because it's cute.

*What kind of pattern of fabric she and her baby likes it?
- Rabbit.
- dinosaur

For their request and research, I bought purple flannel fabric for the back and got some flannel for the front.

And following next week, they drew a picture for her baby on square cotton fabric.

And then they choose a fabric that I will sewed on their pictures.

I had been away for 3weeks in Japan.
I couldn't join the party at the end of the inquiry.

After I had finished to sewing it and beginning of April, I mentioned the children about what I made it.And we took some group photos with it.

When Brianna visited CM with her baby in April they gave to Brianna the blanket. I wasn't there,
But Dawn took some pictures.

Dawn said Brianna loved our blanket so much, later I got some pictures that her daughter on our blanket.
 I believe Brianna will tell her about our story of this blanket and our children's generosity for her. 

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