Saturday, 20 October 2018

Rose Period -Tuesday afternoon Art

We have been exploring famous artists every Friday and Tuesday.

We have explored some of the works by Picasso.

We explored the rose period on 18th of September.

We used heart shaped paper, and purple, orange, read, white and black paint.

The children were intrigued by the use of purple and pink and we explored the making pink through colour mixing.

Through these explorations I have noticed some children really love to have a sense of how thinks are created. They want to know how shapes are made on the paper. I will draw their attention to these interests and when they asked me how to do something, such as make a heart shape, I will honour their request and show them how I do something.
I feel joy when work on these practices together.
I love art, I love to see the children enjoy the art time, expressing emotion, using their senses, exploring colour. And showing us their motor skill beautifully.

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