Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Clay time on Tuesday afternoon.

One Tuesday afternoon, 5 children enjoyed time with clay.

Some of the children decided to make "a human " like they did last Friday with the other kind of modeling materials.



While I was making my " little human"  and trying to show "movement" such as helping her bend her knees, Elise and Emma began making accessories for her.

Elise:  " She needs some food.  Here is a sandwich."

Then a backpack was made " Now she can go on a picnic."     
 And Emma made a tiny blanket for the snowman.  

Lina made a ginger bread man that later turned into a hamburger just before it was eaten!
This started a whole cafeteria of food being made and shared.

The wonderful thing about being with the children was not only in what they were able to make with the material but with how they shared delight in ideas and processes with one another and with me.
They showed so much flexibility of thought and play as they transformed one objected into another. The power in this creativity is something that will help me in my own practice.

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