Thursday, 6 December 2018

Outdoor forest play- Hopscotch-

Yesterday morning, when we played at the forest.

I collected some big leaves from the ground and put them as a line on the side of our forest play area.

Just like " Hopscotch"

When I started to explain the rules of this activity, Simone noticed " Naomi I know! this is Hopscotch" .
The beginning I set up the leaves in a straight line.
After all the children had two turns jumping I placed the leaves in a zigzag shape.
Adrienne : "Wow,  now it is a zigzag! I can do it!!!"
Simone: " Me too!"
 Almost 10 children joined the activity and a child said " My body is warm now Naomi! "
It was simple activity that emerges from the children's delight in jumping and the lovely leaves in our forest.
It was a very cold beautiful sunshine day! 

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